Friday, August 04, 2006

A few stories...

Just a few quick stories... I'm sorry that I'm such a slow and rare post-er...

The first is about kindness.
Background: I was sick this week.
Having been up for much of the night with a fever and some pretty gross projectile vomiting stuff, a consequence of food poisoning, I think -- having tried to go to work, but turning around after being there only two hours -- I came "home" to my PG (essentially boardinghouse) to lie on the bed in the hall in front of the air cooler and listen to headphones and try to will my fever down while my body was cursing me for this whole Delhi scheme. I was lying there for a little while in half-sleeping self-pity when the woman who cleans the floors and does the dishes (and does lots of other things that I don't see about or know of) put her hand on my head and looked at my with concern. And tried "doctor". To which I responded overly extensively in English (I don't speak Hindi, she speaks only a little English from what I can tell) that I was fine, I'd taken medicine, I didn't want to go to the Doctor, blahblahblah. And she picked up my things and pulled me and my stuff into my room. And cleared my bed of the stuff on it, and lay me down. And tried to find a blanket or heavy shawl to cover me (I don't have one) -- and, failing that effort, piled my laundry on top of me. And she squeezed my arms and legs and rubbed the sides of my head and, having tucked me in, turned out the light and waved and said "Good night."

The second is about David.
Who was present to me (or through whom I felt a presence) a week and a half ago in the form of a monkey who stole the cheese off the table next to mine while we were eating dinner/lunch in Dharamsala (where the Dalai Lama lives, sometimes). That was impressive.

The third is about/for/responding to Rachael. See her post and comments.

Also, just as an aside, for me light has always been a primary experience of God. Since I was young. It was even what I wrote my college application essay about. But now that I'm here, where sun has a whole different meaning, breeze has a whole new meaning and maybe wind is taking the place of sunlight for me for this time. That is unexpected.

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