Thursday, April 15, 2010

amazing what you find when you clear out your camera's memory


I guess in the old days this is what you found when you developed that roll of film that's been in your camera for ages. Anyway, here's a blurry picture of me shaking hands with Jurgen Moltmann!!!
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

i feel like everyone should write one of these about themselves

I can walk as far as I need to.
I know a lot of stories.
I know a lot of songs.
I know that everyone can dance.
I can use words for magic. Which is to say to turn citizens into people, turn sitters into waiters, to pitch matches that are rhythms and slowly building metaphors. Iknow a half-dozen rituals that I can deploy at a moment's notice and can improvise more on a half-moment's notice.
I can turn bitching into planning.
I believe in enough things.
My name is David Weasley. And I fight demons.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Nothing Can Ever Stop My Lord

nothing can ever stop my lord: an easter song by david weasley. spoiler alert: if you're coming to first baptist berwyn tomorrow morning, you shouldn't read this unless you want to hear the song before worship.

C Am/ F Am G
C Am/ F F G

nothing can ever stop my lord
though lord knows, many have tried
nothing can ever stop my Lord-
we didn't know it was true, til he died.

Nothing can ever stop my Lord
though the Empire didn't know that
the thought that the torture would stop the good news
and make all of us people turn back

and when they left him to die in the sun
they were trying to stop that word
and convince us that justice was not in our grasp
but they had not counted on my Lord


some say when they killed him he went down to hell
to stem even death's bloody tide
and he busted all of the dead sinners out
and left hell's gate broken wide

so they tell that story of the Harrowing of Hell
I don't know if I believe that stuff
but that he will find you no matter where you are
I know that, and that is enough


over and over we try to nail him down
with our genders and nations and race
but my old friend Jesus is never down for long
even death could not put him in his place

nothing can ever stop my Lord
not your hatred or your bigotry
not even your doubt, not even your despair-
he will not rest until you're free


nothing will ever stop my Lord
not your failure or your having no room
when you're too sad to rest or too broken to pray-
remember what happened when they put him in the tomb

now: you may die, and I may die
and our bodies may crumble to dust
but we will remain as his body lives on-
deep roots are not reached by the frost


there will come a day

there will come a day,
when we won't have
to mark good friday.

when there aren't any more executions.
when there isn't any more injustice
when there isn't any more death.

And then we will celebrate easter together.
but easter will just be our lives.
easter will just be our world.

we who love the fallen: a good friday call to worship

We who love the fallen
who desperately cling to those unjustly killed.

We who have walked with them,
we who slept and fought with them,
we who played and ate with them.

We gather on this day,
when they tried to kill Jesus-
and when they succeeded.

This moment is inscribed on our hearts-
just like the death of far too many others:
King and Romero, our family members,
our friends, our lovers.

We wish they weren't dead. We hate
their absence. We will seek justice
for those who killed them,
and for those who allowed them to die.

Though the ones who killed them
would like us to forget-
we will never forget.
We will always remember.

We who love the fallen.