Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Settle it: Baptists vs UCC

A facebook post that got away from me. Reposted here so I can share it more widely:

The debate rages on- who is more awesome: the Baptists or the members of the United Church of Christ. Many who are my facebook friends are firmly in one camp or the other, but let's settle this once and for all.

Every year in Oberlin, there's a CROP Walk. The two top fund-raisers are often Peace Community Church and First Church in Oberlin, UCC- Baptist and UCC, respectively. These are both great congregations: First Church has been a voice for justice and service in the community since the town was started, and PCC is the scrappy bunch of hippies that ordained me.

So here's the challenge: if you'd like to vote for the Baptists as more awesome, please donate to the PCC "Thundering Herd."
If you'd like to vote for the UCC as more awesome, please donate to the First Church Team

None of the other denominations have teams online yet, but I hear First United Methodist raised quite a bit last year.

If you donate, reply to this post, and I'll track whose in the lead. May the greatest denomination win.