Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Cluster bomb ban in the works!

My dad went to a meeting in Oslo, Norway several weeks ago. If you click on the title of this post, you'll get to a press release about the agreement of 46 countries, as a result of this meeting, to start a process to ban cluster bombs. Along with governments, there were also many NGO's present, and my Dad said that many people there recognized MCC as one of the first organizations that began to push this issue on an international level 10 or so years ago.

If you've never heard anything about cluster bombs before, check out these websites.

MCC cluster bomb page

Cluster Munitions Coalition


David Reese said...

This is amazingly good news! Praise God and the MCC!

In other news, Dow Edgerton, my systematics prof, just suggested we replace the word "sin" with the word "injustice" while we read Calvin. !!! Suddenly ridiculously more relevant!

David Reese said...

So, just found out that the US is not among the 46. I'm a little bummed. But, still good news, and this new fact is not all that surprising.