Friday, August 03, 2007

Nicaragua: My new preschool classroom

You may remember pictures I took toward the beginning of my time here, of the unfinished rooms in the school. I posted pictures of the same rooms with the grass cleared out, roof and electricity installed. Last month, they finally finished the floors, which meant that I could move in! Tuesday was my first day in the new room. Right now I have just the essentials moved in; sometime soon we´ll move in the other furniture and the backup supplies and materials.

I love the new space. It´s bigger, there´s more light, and best of all, it isn´t isolated. I have already enjoyed a hundred tiny ways that I am more included in the school faculty, in the school schedule and rhythm. There is more collaboration between the other teachers and me, sharing ideas that wouldn´t have been worth the old trek to the old preschool but which can now easily take place. After school it´s nice to plan for the next day knowing that in the adjoining classrooms the other teachers are doing the same. There´s a synergy to my new location that encourages me to feel part of the school community, and it´s really making a difference.

In these photos, three of my younger kids are in a bus headed for Masaya. This is one of their favorite things to play. At the table, Noelia is fitting a square into the square-shaped hole. Lately she is really getting good at this shape-matching toy. On the wall are the alphabet and a calendar. I took these photos on Tuesday and even four days later, things are a little more decorated and spiffy. I´m very happy.

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AAGlenn said...

Godmother here. I finally went to the local Jr.College where I have a computer account, high speed everything, and found the pictures of MP that I asked about. My heavens, Luke has GROWN since I last saw him.
But what I am writing about at this moment is the wonderful photos of your new classroom. How wonderful that you could move into it before you leave! It would have been awful if they finished it just AS you left. This way you not only can enjoy it, but see the delight the children have in their new space--AND visualize them in it as you continue prayers and support for them when you get home!
Love and hugs, Godmommy