Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nicaragua: the new preschool teacher

This is a picture of Miguel, the new preschool teacher. He's reading to Eva while Michael puts a yellow ring on his head. He just left it there after she climbed down and wandered off to play. I think this communicates what a great companion and guide I think he is for my students. He has studied teaching in Nicaragua (he lives in the same community as the 5th & 6th grade teacher), so he knew some things I didn't about early childhood development. I feel great about him taking over with my kids. He was able to start on the first of September, so the kids had both of us in the classroom for two weeks before I left. That way they could get used to him and he could get used to our schedule. He is very respectful and patient with them. I am thankful to God for providing such a wonderful teacher for those 14 beautiful children.

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Topher Hunt said...

That's Eva!? Wow she looks different... I recognize Miguel. I missed him, you know. Your room STILL isn't painted yet? I guess they can't paint in the rainy season. I miss dust and plastic chairs. Everything is sterile here at Middlebury... but in a study comfortable sort of way, not in a doctor's office or airport way.