Saturday, March 01, 2008

A comic strip about theology. Also vampires.

Clicking here ( will enable you to read a comic strip that I find hilarious. I feel like it also encapsulates the experience of the seminarian.

So, I go to seminary, and I learn all of this crazy stuff, about how people got to agree, kinda, on Christ having two natures, and what womanist theology is, and how to read Judges through the lens of post-colonial theory and stuff.

And sometimes it seems pretty darn theoretical. But it is my firm belief and hope that someday, or perhaps often, the parallels of the presidential phone call will come. It turns out, if you're going to preach on Good Friday, that it's important for you to know what a lot of different people think about Jesus. And if you're going to help build a church, it's important to know a whole lot of stories, from a whole lot of sources. And if you're going to a be a straight white american guy, you get all kinds of daily calls that need you to know what womanist theology is all about.

Maybe this is what seminary is all about.

That having been said, I also know a fair bit about manticores.

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