Wednesday, December 24, 2008


This is November 1st in Santiago Sacatepéquez. It's the day of the dead, or all saints day. They make these kites, fly them, present them and the town cemetery fills with people, flying kites, building kites, eating, watching, taking pictures, sitting on the tombs, etc. It's an amazing event.

These kites are possibly my favorite thing about Guatemala. These are the giant ones...not fly-able, but just look at how beautiful they are!! And how long it must have taken each team of young adults to make them...out of tissue paper, packing tape and bamboo.

And here's a video: fun stuff!

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Tim Parish said...

Great photos, they capture all the essentials of the event. And from my point of view as a kite enthusiast, there's a few in there with some quite satisfying detail!

Like the shot of the bare bamboo frame with helpers labouring beneath it. Gives you a good impression of the sheer size of these things! Also the closeup of the intricate patchwork of the sail. Amazing.

I'm curious to know what they use for flying line, though... Braided nylon rope perhaps?!