Friday, August 28, 2009

honeymoon photos


I just posted a bunch of photos from our honeymoon. It was a pretty great trip. Included in the photos are: a week at the Glasco family cabin (most of the photos), visiting the Arbogasts, falling water, and the Fayette County Fair. Not included in the photos are Wii bowling against my grandmother, an awesome exhibit at the Contemporary Art Museum in Chicago (free on Tuesdays!), Oberlin, the new Harry Potter movie (so many weasleys!) and Poseidon!: An Upside-Down Musical.


ps- For some reason, I had trouble posting more than four at a time.

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Sylvia said...

So many great pictures! (Also, it's the Tolson family farm, but that probably doesn't mean anything to anyone except me.) Glad you had a good time!