Friday, September 14, 2018

everybody used to be a baby

The first baby song that I wrote that I like I wrote a while back, back when Sophia Hammond was a baby and I was getting to visit with her and Mary and Steve.

Everybody used to be a baby
Nobody used to so tall
even you used to be a baby
back when you were really really small.

There are ridiculous verses, too. I guess sometime I should sing it and put it up on youtube so that everyone in the world can enjoy this stupid and catchy song.  But I feel the need to remind people about this all the time.

"Hey Rachael," I'll say, as I do dishes and she feeds the baby or vice versa.  "Did you know that everybody used to be a baby?"

We stare at Zeke for a while. "I don't know," she says, "That doesn't sound right.  What are you sources?"

Cause it's really absurd and ridiculous when you think about it.  Think about your least favorite person in your town: that person used to be a baby.  Your sweetest lover: used to be a baby.  The literal baby that you know: used to be a baby (and also still is a baby.) Rutabaga: used to be a baby cat. Reluctantly I will admit that most evident supports the claim that Donald Trump used to be a baby.

I don't know about you but these days when I see a baby (maybe especially one baby in particular) I am filled with an awe, a not-so-quiet reverence, an abiding respect and an urge to protect and a joy and a desire to care for...  I don't think it's groundbreaking for people to say that this is how the Divine sees us. 

But it's something to see it up close. 

Next time you need to throw up your hands in anger and despair, remember the hilarious truth.  Everybody used to be a baby. 

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