Tuesday, June 27, 2006

empire, conferences, and a good cd

so, here I am at Tapestry 2006 in Indianapolis. Tapestry is a gathering of the Welcoming and Affirming (GLBT rights) groups from the UCC, Disciples of Christ, and Baptist churches. I showed up here on Sunday, after leaving the Fund for Theological Education conference in Austin. Both of these events have been good, largely for the people that I have been meeting.

I encourage the rest of the "some folks" to post here... even if you haven't departed on your respective adventures yet, I think it would still be helpful, at least to me, to hear about what it's like for you to be preparing for departure/exile/adventuring.

The preacher last night was Rita Nakashima Brown, from Faith Voices for the Common Good.

I learned from her talk that the only thing a preacher has to do to get me to say "Amen" is to talk about Empire. I suppose that's okay.

In reference to the Twenty Bucks a Weasel songs: 'The Bible is Totally Literally True' is co-written by Baraka Noel, who has an excellent legitimate cd out. Find it at: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/barakanoel


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