Saturday, June 17, 2006

Twenty Bucks a Weasel

Good news, rock stars! There is now some Twenty Bucks a Weasel music available on the internet. TBaW is the "band" that I am "in" with some of my friends... basically, sometimes we write songs when we are bored. Most people also do this, but through the power of the internet, you too can hear this exciting phenomenon that is sweeping the nation. And by the nation, I mean me. There are four songs available for listening/download at:

The first is the story of my non-violent personal struggle for additional mozzarella sticks. The second is a serious song that came to me last summer. It's about Jesus, I think. The third is a sad, sad song about our wonderful, nostalgified trip to the weirdest pizza place ever. Finally, the fourth track is something of a tribute to fundamentalism, titled "The Bible is Totally Literally True." It may be offensive to people who don't like sexual references in their Bible songs.

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