Saturday, July 29, 2006

I agree

Yes, let's get a better defining moment. I was talking to some friends about how whole nations stop and watch world cup games when they happen; so the cities are completely quiet and stopped during the games (because everyone is watching) and then when they win, all of a sudden everyone's outside celebrating and it's loud and noisy and everyone's involved. We were trying to think of a sport that would cause that kind of reaction across the U.S., but failed. Is there not much that brings people together in the U.S.?

My point is, it seems that for something to be of concern to enough people to be defining of a generation in this country, it has to involve violence or horror. What kinds of amazing things would really make our generation sit up and take notice??? Maybe a defining moment could be something that moved us to action. Or a moment where we solved (or began to solve) a problem like global warming or injustice against LGBT people or people in poverty.

I wish I could think of something that would excite a much broader population. I seem to be gearing my defining moments towards liberal democrats.

As of now, I'm in for 2010. Let's not limit ourselves to any one country.....


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