Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got ecclesiology

Yesterday, Rachael took me to her swing dancing place. I'm not very good at swing dancing, and I'm not very interested in getting better, so I mostly watched.

Here's what I realized: Swing dancing is like Methodist polity. Improv dancing, of the kind I did at Oberlin, is like Baptist polity.

In swing dancing, you can pretty much plug in with any partner in any state or country and dance effectively. It's great, as long as you find a place that is dancing east coast swing or whatever. It's got a set form, and there's advantages to that.

But there's also disadvantages. In Improv you make it up as you go along. Every improv experience will be completely different. This can make things harder, more varied, stupider, or more interesting. Sometimes all of these.

See what happens when I'm out of seminary for a week? My church nerdliness spills over and gets the internet all nerdy.

Oh. I mean, more nerdy?


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