Saturday, January 27, 2007

Nicaragua 2: my house

I should probably say that I got to Nicaragua on Jan 9 and I´m planning on living here til mid December. I´m living with a host family in Sabana Grande, Managua, and I´m teaching preschool for free at a school in rural Masaya. The school is at Project Chacocente, which you can learn more about at
Short version of very long story: the families living at Chacocente moved there from the Managua dump.

Here are pictures of my house, my clean laundry which I washed myself in the tub pictured below, a barrel of water for using when the running water isn´t, shall we say, running, the purple church pastored by my host dad, and the bus parked often in our little area. There is a gate opening onto a driveway/yard which leads to a little nook of about 7 or so houses.

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David Reese said...


It's really nice to see these pictures of where you live. I wish I lived by a purple church.