Friday, January 12, 2007

Things I do when I'm bored

...Even when I don't have the right to be bored.

So, to atone for a dark, long-winded first post, here's a short, somewhat nonsensical one.
The photograph at the right is the suit I bought at the Salvation Army yesterday to go with the top hat and pocketwatch. Needs a cane. If I can find some more cheap old clothes of similar style, I'm considering dressing like that all the time this semester, or as much as I can manage.
The following represents approximately four hours of screwing around a few months ago:

Oh, what I forgot to mention was that I just spent the evening researching the evolution of the Umlaut and the usage of diacritical marks in Dutch. I should probably have been doing homework (finishing the script for a film about France) but this was much more interesting.


David Reese said...


I finally managed to get your video to work. I thought it was awesome despite/because of not being able to understand any of the language.

Dan said...

I lean towards "because" of, myself. If there turns out to be an applicable "despite", though, let me know.