Sunday, June 10, 2007

David in Nicaragua #6: Summary of the Universe

Every morning we took the 6am sweatshop bus to begin our commute from Sabana Grande to Chaucocente. It has that name because pretty much everybody else on that bus is going to the ‘Zona Franca’ by the airport; the largest “free trade zone” (sweatshop) in Nicaragua.

Everyone would turn to go in these huge gates while we kept walking to catch our next bus. There were people streaming from all directions to get to work at the Zona. All of this led to a daily moment, during which thousands and thousands of Nicaraguans walked down a narrow street, and Rachael and I, the only two north americans in sight, walked against the stream.

That’s a pretty eloquent summary of global conditions, don’t you think? The whole mass of the world moving solidly in one world, and the elite few moving against them. Maybe it’s not counter-cultural to be in solidarity with the poor. Maybe it’s just about realizing which way the tide of humanity is going, and trying to walk with them instead of against them.

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