Thursday, January 03, 2008

Guatemala #11: Friends!

I've wanted to put up pictures of some of my friends for awhile now. Here are some of my favorite people in Guatemala!

Gilma Córdova - Secretary/does all things administrative and much more, for the Mennonite Church Conference in Guatemala City.

Noé Galvan - Gilma's husband, and Project Coordinator for the church's emergency relief/development project working with a rural community devastated by a mudslide from Hurricane Stan in 2005.

Jeffry and Brian - Gilma and Noé's sons, showing off the fruits of their labor, chocolate cake!!

Irwin - My friend who lives right by the church office. He likes taking pictures, looking at pictures, and playing with cars!

Javier - one of my keyboard students, playing with Brian.

- my landlady, with Bob Esponga, at her grandson Pablo's birthday party!

Pablo and Natalie
- Rosita's grandchildren, they live next door.

Victoria, Arturo and Byron Yoc Camél - My 2nd host family, with...My family! Titus, Linda and Rachel Peachey.

Irma, Antony, Melany and Nataly Sanchez Solano - MCC representatives in Guatemala, and their daughters. They've been here in Guatemala about 5 years now, originally from Colombia. Also in the picture, My family, and Shannon Malburg, fellow MCC worker.

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