Thursday, January 03, 2008

Guatemala #13: Kites!

One of the coolest things I saw in the past couple of months was.....


Santiago, Sacatepéquez, November 1st 2007 (it's a Nov. 1 tradition)

This is a small kite, that they are preparing to takes about 4 people running with the string to get it up in the air well...and they fall sometimes too!

One of the huge 17 meter in diameter kites, still in construction...these gigantic ones are not fly-able. They are made out of bamboo sticks, tape and colored tissue paper.

Two of the best gigantic ones...

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Anonymous said...

Dear Beth,
What towns did you visit on Lake Atitlan? Been to Panajachel and San Juan Toliman, and other villages.

The kites were spectacular! When Tom and I were in Bali there was a kite competition for longevity. Each village made a huge kite, and had a whole crew to run it. Decorated, but not as beautiful as those you shared.

The UTube from Rachel about the water makes me cry every time; I've shared it with several others already. As my neighbor from Honduras said, they will never forget that day!

Thanks for including me.
Love, Judy Riggle