Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Top Ways Married Life is Different from Before

1. I no longer return home from work and spend the rest of the night on wedding prep (YAY!). Also, my wedding dress is Done instead of In Progress.

2. David and I have joint bank accounts

3. I wear a wedding ring

4. My Spanish students now call me Señora Raquel instead of Señorita Raquel

5. David and I have lots of candy and quilts and honey and seasons of Simpsons and sweet cards from lots of people. :)

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Emily said...

So, I am really excited about your wedding, even in retrospect.
I was describing it at brunch to a woman today after church, and her response was: "Wait, this is a STRAIGHT wedding?"
And then there was some extended discussion on the wonderment of a world where weddings were thoughtful and kind and good and affirming of family and complexity and a present God.
Also, I want to affirm (1) that I am glad that you are done with your wedding dress and (2) that if you still need a sewing machine and might be interested in a simple one, I have just such a thing.