Sunday, February 04, 2007

Chacocente Christian School

I am teaching in a Christian school after all. There are about 50 students and it is a primary school, preschool to 6th grade. First grade has almost 20 students and by 6th grade it has tapered off to 2 or 3, so that fifth and sixth grades are combined for a total of 6 students. Half the school has been built and they are currently finishing the other half, although classes have been offered for around 3 years by now. Construction happens during school time, so the other day a table was moved out of the cafeteria so that welding sparks wouldn´t fall on students while they ate. Right now they are finishing the walls, smoothing concretish stuff over the cinder blocks. My preschool class meets in a little makeshift room in what used to be the house of the family who farmed the land that is now Chacocente.

Here are pictures of: the pits that are Chacocente´s mini dump (rather than trucking out their trash), Melvin and someone else working on the walls, a fifth grader named David standing in the hallway between the finished half and unfinished half of the school, another room whose walls have been finished, my preschooler Eva watching Nelson work on a bike tire (might be mine actually!), another of my students, named Adrianna, with her foot on a wheelbarrow of cement, her father JuanCarlos, a group of students and teachers in a totally finished room (the man is Xavier, the school´s director), the cafeteria (see the pile of wood on the ground with a grate on top? that´s the stove), Tatiana (preschool) with Adison (1st grade), and a view of the whole school with my friend Nancy (another volunteer, from Texas) in the foreground.

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