Sunday, February 04, 2007

jan 22


The preschool teacher for Chacocente didn´t finish his schooling. He has to go back for one more year, so they need me to step in! As of this morning, instead of just helping out in different areas, I am The Teacher for 15 students, ages 2 to 7! They will be divided into two groups and I´ll have one in the morning, one in the afternoon, starting Monday. So it will be 3 hours with one group, lunch, three hours with the other.

I´m a little nervous because I don´t know Teacher Language in Spanish. That is, I can´t communicate the finer subleties of verbal classroom management in Spanish as I could in English.... yet. I will have help, and it won´t hurt them to learn some English! Things are very laid back here, the other teachers and I just sat around laughing and laughing today! So they won´t be expecting me to be perfect, and I´ll be of use, which is what I wanted!

Plus, I love teaching!

More little notes

Last night it was chilly. That is to say that with their open air architecture (there is always a pathway for air to travel from outside to bedroom, always!), I didn´t want a fan to blow, and I did want to pull up the single sheet that is all anyone uses for bedclothes.

On my bicycle ride today, I passed a horse drawn cart, a herd of cattle, and some chickens. There was also a chicken on the bus today.

Peace to all of you and thank you for supporting me from afar. It is very encouraging to read all your messages to me.


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