Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Until My Musical

I dreamt a musical last night. This is not the first time this has happened. I'm always bothered by this when I wake up because I can never remember any of the dream; only that it was a musical. Logically, if I can dream a musical I should be able to write one. You see my predicament.

Hi. I'm Megan Highfill. And you're reading my blog entry.

After an extensive application and interview process, I have been welcomed into the blog of my best friends from college. My own blog, Dress Like a Teacher, has deteriorated in the midst of my most recent teaching experience. I suddenly did not have the time to update said blog and am glad to have another, more communal outlet for my written teaching experiences.

This entry is really just an introduction. Many of you know me but some readers may not. I am a graduate of Oberlin, like many other writers in this arena. I have a degree in Music Education and just started my first teaching job. Now, arguably, there are some bad school districts in this country. But when the United States Department of Education rates yours at the worst, you know you're in for a treat. Kansas City Missouri Public School District is large and troubled. We are not accredited and based on my experience, no one cares to change that fact. My dealings with students are heartbreaking and wonderful and my dealings with the administration are frustrating. No, I am not in a foreign country and I am definitely not saving the world. I am writing for myself as much as others. But I do hope that in this blog I might share some of my students with you and perhaps stories that normally would not be heard will finally be open for reading.

This is, at least, until I write my musical.


Rachael said...

not saving the world? i beg to differ. what teacher who loves her students, or rather what being that loves another, doesn´t save the world??? you go girl!!!

David Reese said...


Your musical is going to rock.