Saturday, May 12, 2007

Nicaragua: mangos and chickens

Here are some RECENT pictures!!! These were taken within the last two weeks. On my knee is the recent scrape I got while chasing the mate of the pictured chicken. The woman I stay with on Wednesdays bought these chickens, a rooster and a hen, for her mother to start a little flock. I was running to help chase the rooster and my foot went into a hole, and I skinned my knee. Boy was it fun!!! The whole family was helping, the uncle, parents, 4 daughters and I.

The others are of me enjoying, and I mean enjoying, mangos. One plus of teaching in a rural agricultural area is that my kids periodically bring me fruits: jocote, tamarinda, mango, papaya.

And here are pictures of a full, full bus. This is normal. The woman I´m eating with is Topher´s stepmom who visited him, and we´re in my kitchen in Sabana Grande. The volunteer holding the chicken is Courtney, from the same town as Topher, and here for 2 months. The other folks with her are the previous and current owners of the chicken.

Oh, and I should mention the following. After catching the rooster and hen, we put them in a bag. We balanced the bag on my friend´s bike, with one chicken on either side of the center bar. We tied the handles of the bag to the handlebars. And we biked out of the Project. Then we got to the bus stop. And carried the chickens right onto the bus with us! I have confirmed with relevant parties that the pair are now happily living in Tipitapa, where they recently caused one of their owner´s family members to run out into the street wearing only a towel so that they could catch an escaped chicken.

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