Friday, May 18, 2007

Nicaragua: my preschool room

I have attempted to photograph my entire room. Visible are the numbers, triangles, circles, a poster with the I Think I Can train, the Lord´s Prayer in Spanish, the Itsy Bitsy Spider posters, the alphabet, my morning kids at the table, the gate made of hammock sticks and just normal sticks from trees, plus scratch lumber, and the shelf of books at kid-height so they can access them. Also the old door that is badly nailed over the door-shaped hole in the wall.

The non-room photos are taken from the door. They are the view of the soccer field with the start of the church building (the skeleton), and the view of the latrine. I watch my kids walk to it from the door.

The kids are playing a game all by themselves, I´m so proud. They facilitated it and I just photographed it! And they are blowing bubbles.

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