Saturday, May 05, 2007

Nicaragua: walking around Chacocente

After the assembly that day in February, school was dismissed and we ate slices of watermelon and I followed the delegation around in their tour of Chacocente. At the first house lives my little preschooler Nohelia, who just turned 3 and recently watched over a kitten eating beans and rice out of a dish by kicking and saying, no, don´t eat, at the chickens who tried to steal out of the dish. Very endearing since she still has trouble pronouncing the words, no, don´t eat, and also has a little trouble kicking. Yet she was fearless in the face of all those beaks, defending the little skinny cat. Here is a type of goat called a pelibuey which is possibly a sheep/goat combo but I´m fuzzy on the details. In front of the third house down the path from the school, the wife of the president of the Chacocente committee, aged 24, and her four daughters. Next down the path, omitting the machine digging the well which wasn´t there yet, is the grove of plantain trees, chawite. I´ve spent a couple afternoons seeking solitude there after a loud day of kids yelling teacher! teacher!

By the end of the tour, I had one kid on my shoulders and about 4 trailing from hands and shorts pockets. Unfortunately the picture didn´t come out. I´m including it anyway.


David Reese said...

I'm glad you included and told the story of the last picture.

Diane V. Reese said...

How I can kind of relate to a loud day of kids yelling teacher, teacher and I hope David brings back pictures of you with the kids on your shoulders or many pictures of you doing this wonderful thing you are doing.

Rachael, I know my situation is far, far different but I so admire what you are doing.