Thursday, February 14, 2008

Brought to you by Chicago Winters

Reasons I walk fast when it's cold:
(really fast!)

1. I get out of the cold faster

2. It warms me up a bit

3. I feel less helpless, like there's nothing I can do to get warm; I feel I am doing something to help my situation. Even if it doesn't make much of a difference, at least I was doing SOMETHING and not just accepting my situation

4. It distracts me from the cold

5. be careful not to slip on ice! go slowly over ice. plus then you look comical speed walking then abruptly going uber-slow with your mitten hands sticking out.

This announcement has been brought to you by: Chicago Winters. Bringing you snow and ice and other extreme precipitation for A Long Time.


David Reese said...

Thanks Chicago Winters!

cbroadwe said...

I always walk fast because I'm usually late and I don't like being late. But now I am not very good at walking slow and can only walk slow when I really really think about it. And if I stop thinking about it, then I start walking fast again.

Sarah said...

Yeah but winter also has Valentine's Day. So even if you slip on the ice and fall on your bum there is an overly commercialized holiday to soothe your aching tailbone.