Thursday, February 14, 2008

Rachael Moved to Chicago

I moved to Chicago. David and I and 12 other people live in a co-op. A picture of the main hallway and the view of a tree through the living room window, and a photo taken outside the house by my mom the day after she helped me move in back in October, are pictured here. Basically everyone has a room and then we share chores, a kitchen, a den and living room and porch. I feel I can be utterly myself in this community, which is such a blessing after living in a foreign land. Vegetarians atheists and queers are welcome here!!!

I got a data entry job through a temp agency. It's really boring but I look forward to coming home to this goofy and eclectic bunch of folks of all ages and walks of life!

I'm looking for a permanent position where I can be using my Spanish, hopefully in a non-profit, a school, a church, something along those lines. I'm looking at teaching elementary school, or ESL, or working in a clinic. If you know of any leads, let me know!

Even though I love the co-op, I want a kitchen of my own, and also the experience of living alone. I've told David I'm going to propose marriage to him sometime in spring or summer, so this may be my last chance to live alone if he says yes!

Last night I was chatting in the kitchen with two housemates about my idea to plant plants in my old worn out dance shoes. They brought up issues of drainage and aeration, and we ended up deciding I should hang them by the shoelaces. I can't wait to have a little home of my own where I can hang plants in shoes! I found a studio and my lease starts on February 28th. I am VERY excited.

Also, I am going to try to take a class at a time at Chicago Theological Seminary.

So things are going well although still in transition.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Topher Hunt said...

I'd love to live in a co-op. Yours sounds and looks very colorful. Dorm life is ideal for me right now... and while I know that eventually I'll get sick of it and want to be alone for a bit, I have this strange feeling that communal living will be a more comfortable long-term norm for me.

I'm happy for you and we have awesomely icy weather here too.

- Topher