Wednesday, September 13, 2006

50 cents, a left turn, and an olive-green creeper

The other day I was feeling sick but I wanted to venture out anyway to buy fabric for a quilt I'm working on (it was my day off). There was a lot of traffic, it was really hot, and I thought that by drinking water just before I left I could get away without bringing a water bottle along (being sick made me tired and therefore lazy). Not so. Pretty soon I was feeling miserable and really needed something to drink. I parked and stood at the corner waiting for the crosswalk light to turn on and thought how ugly all that concrete and car exhaust and traffic looked, and felt pretty depressed about the human race. I crossed the street. I searched the little plaza for anywhere that would sell drinkables, and saw a sign above the flower shop advertizing chocolate and wine. That was my best, if long, shot. Inside a woman was happy to show me their various canned sodas. I picked strawberry lemonade. She asked for fifty cents. I said I just had a credit card. She said they had a minimum purchase rule. I asked how much it was, thinking I could buy some flowers or something. But she said, "oh, just take it. it's on me! no problem" she added in response to my thanks. my throat was saved!!! I went next door to The Quilt Crossing and bought fabric. The ladies were very helpful. After getting back to the car, I headed toward the exit. Another car was in front of me, looking for a break in the four lane traffic to turn left, same direction I was headed. The traffic started backing up behind a stopsign but a car approaching from the left stopped before us and waved us-- both of us-- through.

After receiving these small acts of kindness from strangers, I wasn't feeling so depressed.

Next time I went back to The Quilt Crossing and waited for the walk sign at the corner, I noticed that, in the dirt next to a fire hydrant surrounded by grey concrete, a tenacious plant was growing and thriving.

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