Tuesday, September 26, 2006

healthcare songs

I've been recruited to play and sing with a small group at church. We're doing some songs for Health Care Sunday, where worship is focused on the pitiable state of health care in the US, and around those who work in health care, need health care, etc.

So, any suggestions for songs we should do? I have Rise Up Singing and the Internet, so I should be able to find lyrics and chords to most songs.


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Hai/Juan said...

Church leaving blog, I would like to be put in contact, healthmusic@windstream.net. I hope to contact others concerned about the healthcare crisis. I am a folk musician/singer/songwriter, wrote much songs in concern for the crisis. I find much opposition among the Christians; I don't see how they can. I guess they believe the lies told by the insurance companies, not wanting to quit profiteering. Affordable Healthcare is a RIGHT! Long past due to address the pre-existing practice of insurers. Long past due to address the hazard, "if you lose your job there goes your insurance." Of course, you can buy the COBRA IF you can afford it; big fat "IF".