Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Whenever I mention that my current employment-- various restaurant jobs-- is not as spiritually fulfilling as my previous employment-- Director of Christian Education-- I'm always careful to allow for this current job to have some spirituality inherent in it. I intentionally have been saying "less" instead of "not at all".

Well, I've finally identified proof of the Spirit in my restaurant work. Like Jesus, I am being a servant. I carry the food. I clean the tables. I get people's half-drunk beverages accidentally poured down my collar when I carry stacks of glasses back to the kitchen. Sauces mess up my white button-up shirt. I get on my knees to reach the crack in the cushions of the booths where food gets stuck. This was all fairly boring until I realized that it puts me in a position worth meditating upon: servanthood.

As evidenced by my defensive reactions to not being perfect at the jobs I'm currently being trained in, I need to learn some humility.

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