Sunday, September 17, 2006

Procrastination and accountability

So....I was thinking, and was about to post a plea for help on the blog about how to stop procrastinating. Then I realized that doing so would also be procrastinating. So, I went and did three of the things that I've been successfully and quite unreasonably avoiding for a couple of days.

Thanks for somehow unknowingly and over the internet helping to hold me accountable!!



Carrie Broadwell-Tkach said...

This is not really a response to Beth's post, but I wanted to share this piece of information with you all, and I decided this would be the best way to do it.

The other day, I heard a nice story about Norwalk. Since Norwalk is the place of the meeting in which PCC was not-quite-disfellowshipped for being welcoming and affirming to all peoples, I thought that you all might appreciate hearing something nice about Norwalk. A word of disclaimer: The details in this story very well might be apocryphal, but the end result is complete truth.

A few years ago, it seems that a doctor who worked at the hospital in Norwalk went to a gas station. He needed a dollar for change, but the register didn't have anything small enough. So he said, "Oh, just give me a lottery ticket and we'll call it even."

That doctor won the lottery.

That doctor also decided that he didn't really need the $10-15 MILLION that he had won, so he donated 100% of it to the Norwalk hospital. Apparently, if you donate 100% of your lottery winnings, it is completely non-taxable. Now, if the doctor had decided that he could have used just a tiny bit of that money for himself, but donated the rest to the hospital, it would still be taxed. That doctor decided that he was content with what he had, and so he gave it all to the hospital. And now Norwalk has a big, beautiful, brand new hospital.

It's still the only time in Ohio history that 100% of any lottery winnings has ever been completely donated. This story of generosity makes me just a little bit happier to be working in Norwalk.

David Reese said...

Any time, Beth. Any time.