Tuesday, October 17, 2006

crapostolic succession

Today I was feeling sad about empire. So I made this. You can buy a t-shirt of it at cafepress.com/somefolks. I don't think I'm going to, but I suppose it would be a good way to proclaim your simultaneous church geekiness and radical politics.



gleen said...

Brilliant, but I feel the figure on the left more resembles St. Peter. Did you discover this when researching a Papal Bull or something?

It does seem that Crapostles outnumber Apostles these days. If I wasn't a peacemaker, I would suggest a Crapshoot.

I would like to see your idea developed and peer reviewed. This concept could contribute significantly to the understanding of the "mess" the Church has made in recent years.

Finally, maybe those manuscripts that read "Enima Mea" instead of "Anima Mea" were not misspellings after all.

Anonymous said...

I bought one.

Now all the cool kids will be wearin em.