Wednesday, October 04, 2006

world communion sunday

Rachael was in town for the last week. It was lovely.

On Sunday we went to Grace Baptist Church, where I've been attending. It was World Communion Sunday, and one of the ways they celebrated was to have a variety of breads and beverages for communion. You could come up and pick a piece from one of four breads and dip it in water, grape juice, or soy milk.

I broke off a piece of an orange, crispy tortilla type bread. After I dipped it in grape juice, I ate it. It was really spicy, and I thought, as I went back to my seat, "Boy, that communion had a little kick to it!"

Then I thought, "Maybe communion should always have a little kick to it."

Oh, and check this out:

Keep your eyes out for the ent wives,

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