Sunday, October 22, 2006


As some of you might know, Beth's at Mennonite Central Committee Orientation, getting ready to go spend three years working in Guatemala City. Here's an email I got from her:

Hi David,

Here is the story of a song:

So, before I went to Oberlin, I did not know the song that goes, "B-b-b bubblin' (snap, snap, snap)", etc. I'm pretty sure I learned it from you and maybe Rachael. So, here at MCC orientation we do a morning devotional every other day. There are a number of people that do music, and we got together last night to pick songs. We decided that I would teach the Bubblin' Over song as part of our singing this morning. So, I did, and it was cool.

Then, this evening, we went to an Amish home to have dinner. Our group, being 40 people, was split up between two different Amish homes. At the home I was at, we ate dinner, the family sang for us, and then we sang Amazing Grace together. After we got back, I found out that at the other house, they ate dinner, the family sang, and then my friend Beth (who is going to Nicaragua with her husband) taught Bubblin' Over to the Amish family and the whole group sang it together. The Amish family really liked it. Beth had learned it from me this morning. So, indirectly, you helped to teach an Amish family that song. That makes me happy:)

Love, Beth

[insert joke about blogs and the Amish here.]

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