Monday, August 21, 2006

American Bible Society

So, I went to my friend Ruth's house last night and watched the movie Chocolat. It was great.

She showed me a letter she had gotten from the American Bible Society. They sent her a letter and a very badly produced full size cloth American flag! The letter, along with the flag, was supposed to prompt her to donate money to the ABS to buy New Testaments for US Soldiers in Iraq.

I read the letter and started hitting myself in the was so awful. It wasn't just straight propaganda (i.e.-it's patriotic and Christian to support our country, our troops and our role in the war) but schmultzy and melodramatic propaganda. Imagine; fundraising appeal + altar call + soap opera.

Is there any way to get churches to stop buying into empire?!!

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David Reese said...

On the other hand, what if troops in Iraq start reading the New Testament, and taking serious what Jesus says about peace and violence?

Mighty subversive literature one can have sent to Iraq these days...