Thursday, August 24, 2006

CTS Orientation

The pre-orientation retreat for Chicago Theological Seminary consists of all the first-year students describing their faith journeys.

It is the best thing ever.

Also, from an email from Emily:

"Yesterday, some kids tried to sell me Femina (like Vanity Fair plus People in India), then Maxim, then Good Housekeeping, then a Business and Economics journal. I didn't buy any. I'm pretty sure they couldn't speak English (all the magazines were in English) and I sort of doubt if they were able to read (given the general literacy of kids who have to do street selling/begging). I found the combination of the things they were selling me and the dynamics of me the potential buyer them the potential seller and the alienated text really... interesting."

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Beth said...

I'm jealous! I absolutely loved it when we did faith stories at ECO my first year. Best thing ever.