Saturday, August 19, 2006

summer photos from David

In no particular order:

Rachael at Craters of the Moon National Park. This was where the volcanic activity that is now under Yellowstone last erupted.

Me and Pancake McPancake (my sock puppet friend) at Yellowstone. My new Facebook photo, naturally. (Photo by Rachael E. Wylie.)

Rachael and her sister Sarah photograph a meadow simultaneously.

There were many pro's and con's of traveling Yellowstone in an RV. It was only kind of like being camping, but I got to see these guys!

Caleb, Steve, and Mary watch Carrie come down the aisle. So sweet!

Rachael and Beauty Pool, a hot spring at Yellowstone. (Rachael is the one on the left.)

I know, this looks like I've been playing with the color filters again. Yes, this is a shot of some guy in the Detroit Airport, but it's completely uneditted! The Detroit Airport has the coolest basement hallway ever! The changing lights and colors were accompanied by changing sounds. It was like being inside a Timara project, except that people were walking around with luggage. Scratch that, it was exactly like being in a Timara project. (TIMARA- Oberlin program: Technology In Music And Related Arts.)

I didn't find any coffee shops open past eight in Warren, but I did find this cool building.

(published using the free high speed internet in the hotel that my mom and I stopped at on the way to Chicago.)

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