Saturday, November 18, 2006

advent calendar

Here are two pictures of the advent calendar I made for my sister. I got out my bulging folder of saved church bulletins, an old Bible I saved from the trash, and samples sent to me by publishing companies while I was Director of Christian Education. I cut out prayers and Bible passages and pasted them on printer paper in a liturgical arrangement involving pictures of purple and one pink candle on Sundays, and cut windows in wrapping paper to cover them. The windows are numbered 1-25 for days in December. I cut the Magnificat out of Luke (feels weird to cut apart a Bible) and cut up a Christmas card, and an announcement about donating to the Caring Tree from a bulletin.

It fed my soul to read so many churchy words. That is one thing about Quaker meeting-- lack of churchy words! I'm thinking about going to my family's Methodist church during advent to enjoy some liturgy!

Anyway, this was SO FUN and I think it turned out beautifully, probably due to the TLC for Sarah that I put into it. Feast your eyes and your liturgical womb, ready to bring forth Christ into the world!

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David Reese said...

Tearing up Bibles reminds me of the story about how Steve Hammond inadvertently started American Baptist Evangelicals.

He invited Jim Wallis (of sojourners) to speak at an ABC Ohio event. Wallis, as he does occasionally, took out a Bible and began tearing out pages that talked about God's commitment to the poor, as an example of how most Christians ignore such parts.

This freaked some Baptists out, and, in response, they got together and formed American Baptist Evangelicals, at least the Ohio branch.

Nice one, Hammond.