Tuesday, November 14, 2006

John the Whaptist

There was an AP article on the front page of the Chicago Tribune on Sunday. It was about evangelical popular culture, and it featured a paragraph about Christian Professional Wrestling leagues. The article CLAIMED that there was a wrestler by the name of "John the Whaptist" (alongside such other heroes as 'the Sermonater', and 'the Abrahammer.') Now, that name is totally awesome, and so I looked up John the Whaptist on the internet.

As near as I can tell based on a five minute Google search, there is NO SUCH PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER. A travesty! It seems that the name has only been circulated as a joke.

At first, this made me quite sad. 'John the Whaptist, why can't you exist?' I thought.

But then I realized- if there is no John the Whaptist, that means that the first person who wants to can call dibs on the name, thus forcing everyone to refer to them as John the Whaptist.

Friends, I invoke that priviledge.

In daily parlance, you may still refer to me as "David", but please, in formal use, from now on: Mr. David Reese, AKA "John the Whaptist."

Keep your eyes out for the entwives,
aka John the Waptist

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Carrie B-T said...

Dear John the Whaptist,
I also googled your new found name to see if another John the Whaptist did truly exist, and do you know what I found? somefolks comes up as the number one hit on google! I'm pretty excited by that, and it's not even my website!