Tuesday, November 14, 2006

things sure are different

Today I woke up between warm flannel sheets and looked at pictures of Oberlin on the wall by my bed. I've been so dissoriented while I've been here that I put up pictures of my past life and it sort of reminds me about another way my life has been in the recent past. There's one of Phyllis and Paul at peace vigil, one of Formosa and Ginger picking flowers, one of my dad and Denise at my graduation, one of the tree on the corner of Tappan at Professor and College, and one of the view from my 27 Union St. bedroom window in winter with snow. And one of Easter egg decorating at Family Night at FUMC.

Then I listened to something I'm very proud of: a recording of me and lots of my friends singing Meg H.'s a capella arrangement of the Ginny Weasley song, based on Harry Potter. It is on the internet available for the listening pleasure of thousands! There are comments on it at the website by people who I don't even know! That is SO COOL!

Also so cool is the fact that I've had the privilege of performing said song at all. It is an experience decidedly outside of my current range of activities, a reminder of a community I've been part of and connections I used to enjoy.

Then I went to work and one of the chefs asked how I was. She waited like she was ready for a long answer so I told her about the internet and Meg's recital and the song and she listened and responded and was interested. I went on sweeping the restaurant, thinking how easy it is to perk me up: just one person has to ask, listen, be interested. But it seems like that doesn't happen very often for me right now. I will be glad to end this little season of my life.

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