Monday, April 09, 2007

a dozen chicago photos

here are some pictures of things i've seen in the city i live in. a sort of second piece of rachael's anniversary present, as she's planning to live here too, one day. and a present to anyone else who wants to come live in chicago with me. (here's looking at you, tom.)

self portrait at the chicago cultural center, which was the first public library in chicago and is an amazing building/place.

my school! we're scaffolding because some chunks of our tower fell off in a windstorm.

storytelling class during the warm spell! outside in the U of C quad.

this is not actually chicago. but new haven is pretty too, and you can get there from chicago via presbyterians, a bus, and two trains. (noah's foyer)

millenium park in the fog.


the harold washington public library (ten floors of library books!) and co. The short-looking building in the middle is a downtown prison. Huh.

And we have a lake!


View from the El.

Khazm plays in church. I think I spelled their name wrong, but they are the best experi-metal band that ever plays at Grace Baptist.


Tom said...

These are great, David! I'm enticed, I'm enticed...

Diane V. Reese said...

David, I love these photos!

Can I get some regular copies of them from you sometime.....especially the self portrait one???

Hope you're doing okay in Nicaraugua.