Saturday, April 28, 2007

Nicaragua: February 13

I´m pretty embarrassed at how behind I am in my photo posting. Here are two guys from the church sharing a bike when they came to volunteer at Chacocente with me one day. This is the old long slightly dangerous badly repaired road I used to take. Now the teachers and I take a new short safer more beatiful less dusty and hole-y path (yay!).

When we got to Doña Tina´s I took a picture of our bikes stored in her kitchen, then swiveled the camera 20 degrees to show her kitchen. Not much room to walk, but the bikes are supplemental income for her family. We pay two dollars per bike per month.

Also I took a picture of her latrine because of the cool cactuses around it, and here are Rafa and Isaac next to her washing station where I always washed my hands and she washes clothes. While we waited for the bus, Charito and Gabriel drove up in the truck. While I ran over to talk with them, one of the guys stole my camera and took this photo.

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