Saturday, April 14, 2007

Nicaragua around the school

After school I let non preschool kids come in to play with the toys. One day Margarita made these two beautiful flowers out of clay so I took her outside to take a picture. Aren´t they great?

Here are Topher and Nancy, each captured at a different time sitting in the school library. Topher is here since September until this June, teaching English and art in the school (across grade levels). Nancy was here for the first six weeks I was here, so she left at the end of February. Some of these pictures, ahem, I have been meaning to post for a while.

Standing in a row against the wall/window of the cafeteria are Marbel (2nd grade teacher), Omar (official translator for Chacocente), and Jacqueline (3rd and 4th grade teacher, and Omar´s younger sister).

These empty rooms are very old pictures of what will be the 2nd grade room (they used to share a room with 3rd and 4th), and my preschool!

Here is an old picture of one side of the future main room of the school. You can see someone working on the roof. In the other doorway to the future main room are Ted Andersen, Calin (23 year old president of the Chacocente Committe) and Tim (of Chatauqua, NY). This space in real life now has a roof and will be our multi-purpose room and also a space for church to be held.

Taken weeks later, you can see the developments in the construction of the two new school rooms. It´s not completely obvious, but the walls have been finished with a layer of cementish stuff covering the blocks and mortar, the floor has been spread with new materials, and there is a roof. For several weeks 2nd grade has been meeting in its room although it isn´t finished.

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