Monday, April 16, 2007

two for easter two

Yesterday was "Easter Two", according to the Revised Common Lectionary. I know this refers to the number of Sundays in the season, but I prefer to think of it as a kind of sequel, as in "Easter II: The Legend Continues", or "Easter II: Electric Bugaloo."

Anyway, here are the promised two:

a poem about me and jesus

some days we box
some days we dance
some days we just cry together.


As many of you know, I carried around a sledgehammer all through Lent. It was to remind me about all the things that needed to be smashed, and to give me a chance to reflect on power and violence. It did all those things, and a few more. I even got to use it to pound a stake into the ground, one time. On Easter, I put it down.

A couple days later, I was reading the daily lectionary reading, and realized this: sledgehammers are good for breaking down walls. Really good. That might even be what they're designed for. However. The Risen Christ: walks through walls.



Beth said...

Thanks for sharing that David; it was good when I first read it, but came back to me in church this morning and I had to smile because it's so true. Shazam is right. (wouldn't it be amazing if we said Shazam instead of Amen?!)

David Reese said...

I do say Shazam instead of Amen.

And now I'm going to start doing it even more.

Alexis said...

I might become born again if people said Shazam instead of Amen.