Monday, April 09, 2007

Nicaragua Campamento (easter)

On Wednesday afternoon, maybe 40 or 50 people from our church, many of them the youth in my choir which are basically the youth of the church, piled into a rented bus and drove an hour or two to the less hot nearby city of Nandaime. There we pitched tents in the grass and commenced going to church about most of every day until we left on Friday night. The whole time we were celebrating Easter, with of course the story leading up to Easter thrown in, but not separated out into beforeEaster and afterEaster like I´m used to. Apparently the Catholic churches use no instruments until midnight Saturday night, when suddenly all the instruments are brought out and everyone celebrates! Christ is risen!

Anyway, here is the roofed area where 300 could sit at a time while the other 100 or so roamed around eating or cooking or chatting or sitting or napping or whatever. And here is a fresh picked palm branch from a nearby tree I presume, garnished with fake flowers. In Ohio we had fresh flowers and not fresh palms! And here are the tents, and my host sister Belen playing a clapping game with little Nadiesca who is 9 and whose mom is so cool.

Overall, I´d say I would not go again, at least not for the whole time, mostly because the sound system was so loud that I felt physically attacked by sound and my poor ears are still a little sensitive, and also because there was not enough silence throughout the day. I felt exhausted by the end.

On Easter I went to sunrise normal Sunday worship, then to a mass, then to normal 5pm worship.

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