Saturday, April 14, 2007

Nicaragua: piñatas

For four Saturdays, a woman from another church came over to our church to teach a bunch of women how to make piñatas. I was usually at a cyber cafe during most of the class, but I was there for enough snatches of classes that I think I could probably fumble my way through making one myself. One Saturday instead of making piñatas I washed my clothes on the nearby washboard and then made lunch! I made rice all by myself, beans with help, and chicken with potatoes almost by myself. I want to be able to cook Nicaraguan food by the time I go back to the states, because I predict that as happy as I´ll be to eat whole grain bread, lasagne, cake, cheddar cheese, casserole, brownies, stir fry, and Mexican burritos, I will miss the food from here.

Anyway, here is Belen making Barney, Yanina working on Tweety bird´s legs, and various other women and piñatas. Fun! Afterward they sold them. Oh, and the glue they use for the paper mache is made from water and a flour made from yuca which is a root. You just boil it, and voilá! It is this great gooey gelly textured stuff, and pleasantly warm from sitting out congealing after being boiled. Also it´s better for the environment I bet.

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